Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Country - Yasunari Kawabata

This was the October selection for the Friday bookclub. Unfortunately, I was sick and missed the meeting. I finished the book a week after the meeting.

About the book
The story is set in a town in the mountains of Japan. Shimamura escapes from his life in Tokyo and meets Komako, a geisha in a mountain town. Their relationship starts with a meeting on the street, and progresses over a couple of years. Shimamura is drawn to return again and again to where Komako is. Their relationship is illfated. Shimamura doesn't seem to be capable of love, but he is drawn back to her. Komako knows that she shouldn't be with him, and yet comes to his room every night.

My Thoughts
I don't know if it was the translation, or just where my head was at, but I spent most of the book not understanding what was going on. Other reviews I've read say it is full of symbolism (ah!) and written in almost haiku style (double ah!).

I guess what I came away with is a sadness for both of the characters. I think I'll need to reread it though to understand it better.

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