Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Calling Invisible Women - Jeanne Ray

Calling Invisible Women
By Jeanne Ray
Crown, 2012

About The Book
One day Clover looked in the mirror and she wasn't there. The first time she noticed she was invisible was temporary, but the next time it wasn't. It takes a while for her to come to terms with invisibility and to realise she isn't losing her mind but once she does there is no stopping her. With the help of her neighbour and best friend Gilda, Clover sets about living as an invisible woman. The trouble is her husband and son take a long time to notice and that's when she realises they haven't looked at her for years.

My Thoughts
As the book chatters know I am drawn to anything with a quirky title. Sometimes this pays off, some times is doesn't. In this case it does. I really liked Clover. She took becoming invisible in her stride and saw how she and the other invisible women could be valuable members of the community. She also finds a freedom in being invisible and not only in being free not to wear clothes, but being able to get to know herself and her family. Clover feels undervalued by society and her family. Her role as a reporter had been reduced to articles about gardening and her family take her for granted. After becoming invisible, Clover makes new friends and gets a bigger role as a reporter.

I think this book deals with issues of invisibility for people of any age and gender. I think it is especially felt by women of a certain stage of life, like Clover. But it can happen to anyone. 

I think I sometimes feel like I'm a bit invisible when people assume I will act or respond a certain way. I often tell people that I don't always respond in the most appropriate or expected way. Is it because we are lazy? Is it easier to put a box around someone rather than understanding we don't always stay the same? I guess I am guilty of the same thing. I have a friend who isn't at all into AFL and I know that so I don't ask her to come to the games. If I asked her she could say yes, which would surprise me greatly!! (Although I have to admit she has stated that she isn't interested in going without me having to ask)

I guess it doesn't even have to be as superficial as this. There are many areas in society where people become invisible. But I guess the point of this book is that we can be visible when we least expect it.


  1. Thanks Nat for this review. I read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it! It makes for a good summer read (although it's spring at the moment!).