Monday, October 22, 2012

NANOWRIMO - November

November is (Inter)National Novel Writing Month!
A month of sitting down and doing a whole lot of writing and trying to have enough words for a novel! It doesn't have to make sense, or be very good. The idea is to try. 

This is the 3rd year that I've given it ago, and I haven't made it passed 10 000 words. Maybe this year is the year. I just need to spend more time writing than checking the word count!! 

Wish me luck!

If you're interested in what NaNoWriMo is all about you should check out the NaNoWriMo website


  1. Good luck Nat! It looks like an awesome challenge.

    I know I started writing in my teens...and I still have the material. Actually that might make some good blog posts!

    But yes, it is a huge challenge to write 50,000 words. You would have to find a story or a topic you would really enjoy and just keep writing it. I sometimes wonder if I could give this a go. I certainly have too much in my brain and could ramble over the 50,000 words. I would just need a good editor - you willing? (haha).

    I seriously wish you all the best. If you need someone to proof read I'd be happy to :-)

  2. Thanks Jen! You should give it a go!! We could get together and write/chat. My trouble is that I don't really do any prep work... well I thought about it today and NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! I'll try and post updates on the blog.