Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ice - Louis Nowra

Ice is the fictional biography of Malcolm McEacharn who became Lord Mayor of Melbourne, and helped work out a way to refridgerate meat to transport it to England. It is fictionalised and opens with a ship towing an iceberg into Sydney Harbour! It is narrated by a man who's wife is in a coma in hospital, and he is writing the biography to try and bring her out of it. She had been doing research on Malcolm. The story of the narrator and his wife develops slowly throughout the book, and I wished there was more, especially when Malcolm's story began to get too creepy. I liked the way it was woven through Malcom's story.

I guess it's about obsessive love, as Malcolm is obsessed by his first wife, and the narrator is obsessed with his wife and the obsession shapes what they do. Both of them are driven to do what they do by the love they have for their wives.

I haven't read anything else by Louis Nowra, and quite enjoyed his style.

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