Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Kite Runner - Wednesday Book Club June Selection

I seem to be reading many books for the second time this year. The Kite Runner is another one. the first time I read this book I really quite enjoyed it. Khaled Hosseini has a wonderful way with words and deals with hard subjects in a ... gentle isn't the right word, but it will do.

Reading it for the second time, I'm remembering things from my first reading... I think... I could be remembering it from another book, that happens to me a bit. Anyway... with this remembered bit, I'm reading the book in a different way, particularly the bits where Amir is talking about
Baba and Hassan. This book is really a sad tale about a strong friendship between two boys, and the guilt of choices we make. Friendships often are lopsided and in this case Hassan was the more honourable and devoted of the two of them.

Hosseini evokes a strong feeling of place, both in Afghanistan before the Russians and then after the Taliban has come to power, and in America. The Sunday markets and the sense of community are very well described.

I think it is the second half of the book when Amir returns to Kabul that is the most powerful part of the novel. The book definitely stands up well to a second reading and I still highly recommend it.

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