Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who moved my blackberry? by Lucy Kellaway

I don't like the main character Martin Lukes, he's self centred and blames others for his mistakes. Yet I find that I am compulsively reading this book. I just have to find out what stupidity he will get into next.

Who moved my blackberry is told in the form of emails and texts from Martin Lukes the Marketing Director of AB Global. He is not a likeable character. He treats his PA as a personal coffee fetcher and being a stereotypical male manager, he starts having an affair with her.

I don't mind the format of the book. Though we do only get to see the world through Martin's eyes as he initiates and responds to other emails and text messages. It is kind of funny though... and I kept hoping he'd turn out to be a C and have to deal with losing his job. Sadly... no.

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