Friday, December 24, 2010

The Mercy of Thin Air - Ronlyn Domingue

Recently at my library, a staff member was pulling fiction books off the shelf that hadn't been borrowed for a year or two. This book was one of them, and it sounded interesting so I borrowed it.
About the Book
The book is narrated by Razi, who is killed in the first few pages and becomes a ghost. She narrates from the "in between" where she can watch the living. She never recovers from her first love - Andrew and spends much of the book wondering what happened to him. A young couple buy Andrew's old bookcase and she follows it to their house. Amy also never recovered from
her first love who was killed in a car crash. This has implications on her marriage when an old friend sends her a DVD with scenes of him in it.

My Thoughts
Sounds very Lovely bones ish doesn't it? Well it's not. I'm not sure how I felt about this book. I liked it enough to persevere, but I don't think it's left a lasting impression on me. Razi seemed very forward thinking for her day. She wanted to be a doctor and held sex education classes for the women of the neighbourhood. I always have problems with reading books like that. The author knows that now there is more equality in education, where as in the 1910s when the book is set it was very unusual. It's hard not to write period books without putting knowledge of the future in and it's hard to read them when they allow it to happen.

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