Saturday, January 8, 2011

Alpine for You - Maddy Hunter

Alpine for You is the first of the Passport To Peril Mystery series by Maddy Hunter.

About the Book
Emily Andrew is on a Seniors tour of Switzerland with her grandmother. Things aren't going right on tour from the start with her being assigned to room with Andrew Simon, the tour escort. Things don't get much better as the tour goes on... bad rooms, wet watches and lost luggage... and people on the tour start dying. The only good thing that happens is meeting Etienne Miceli.

My Thoughts
I quite liked this book because it was set in Lucerne and reminded me of the Swiss part of the European Tour I did in 2010. In fact I think I stayed in a hotel similar to the one in the book. The rooms were disappointing, and the food not so good! However the scenery was lovely! There were a couple of annoying things in the book - what was with Emily getting her watches waterlogged? It happened 3 times and never went anywhere. It's also odd to read about film cameras now. My favourite character was Marion Shippel, Emily's grandmother.

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