Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aussie Author Challenge 2011

After successfully completing the Aussie Author Challenge in 2010, I'm looking forward to doing it again in 2011.
I'll aim to be True Blue about it and read & review 12 books by at least 9 different Australian Authors. There were quite a few books on my sign up post from last year that I haven't read, that I can consider reading this year.

Here are the details from Booklover Book Review's blog:
Challenge period:  1 January 2011 -  31 December 2011

Objective: Read and review books written by Australian Authors - physical books, ebooks and audiobooks, fiction and non-fiction!

Challenge Levels: TOURIST or TRUE BLUE!

TOURIST - Read and review 3 books by 3 different Aussie Authors
TRUE BLUE - Read and review 12 books by Australian authors (at least 9 different authors)

True Blue is Australian slang meaning 'the real thing'. Listen/watch this music video of the iconic Australian song "True Blue" written and sung by John Williamson.

How to Join
Check out the sign up details on Booklover Reviews: 2011 Aussie Author Challenge


  1. Warm welcome back to the Aussie Author Challenge for its second year! Some of the books that were originally on my 2010 reading list have shown up on my 2011 list also.

  2. Thanks Joanne! I really enjoyed this challenge last year.