Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Craft Days

Lisa came over on Sunday for one of our regular crafty days! We haven't had one at my place for a while, so I spent Saturday doing house work. It was such a lovely day outside and to have to spend it doing boring stuff like cleaning the toilet was a bit of a drag. The good thing though was that I did two loads of washing and they were dry by the end of the day. It was much warmer outside than in my flat!

3 cards and an owl's head
On our crafty days Lisa makes cards and I ... crochet, or quilt or scrap book or knit or... hmm I think a challenge for me is that I need to focus on one craft!! It's so hard to do though. At the moment I have material laid out for me to cut it up to make a quilt, a half knitted scarf, a crochet owl nearly half done and lots of scrapbooking stuff waiting to be scrapbooked or made into cards... Card making is my latest thing. I managed to put 3 cards together and crochet an owl head!
Here is a photo.

Lisa's birthday card
Lisa made two cards, which were much more intricate than mine. It takes me a while to work out the composition of a card. Two of the cards I made on Sunday were just a pre-made shape stuck on a card and I'd been thinking about how that would look for a couple of weeks. The card I made Lisa for her birthday took weeks of planning in my head before I had enough courage to actually put it together. I've given it to her already, so here's a pic of it too!

It was a bit different to how I pictured it, due to not being able to find the particular shade of brown card that I had in my head. I think the end product was pretty good without it!

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