Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Summer Knight by Jim Butcher

Summer Knight - Bk 4 in The Dresden Files
Jim Butcher
ROC, 2002

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About The Book
This is the fourth book in The Dresden Files series. Harry has been moping and feeling sorry for himself after what happened to Susan. When he ventures out it rains toads, which is never a good thing. His three o'clock appointment is one of the faerie queens who wants Harry to solve a murder. Can Harry solve it before midnight on Midsummer night?

My Thoughts
It was nice to dip back into this series. The writing and the characters were familiar. I like how the crime solving in this one wasn't so straight forward.  

I'm really a fan of Harry's support cast; namely Billy The Werewolf, Murphy, Mister and Bob. I think Bob gets some of the best lines! I hope we get to see more of Bob. 

This book focuses on firstly the White Council. Harry finds himself up in front of them again. They aren't his biggest fans. We also get to know more about the Faerie... and Toot Toot from Storm Front makes a reappearance. I did enjoy this one, although the action didn't move as fast as the previous books. I'm looking forward to book 5!

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