Monday, January 20, 2014

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

The Rosie Project
Graeme Simsion
Text, 2013

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About The Book
Don Tillman is a professor of genetics and lives his life by a strict schedule. He may have Aspergers but is undiagnosed. He decides he wants to find a wife and comes up with a foolproof way of finding one. Only things don't go according to schedule when Rosie Jarman visits his office.

My Thoughts
And now for something completely different to the Dresden Files... The Rosie Project was a well written light read. It was sort of like Sheldon Cooper falling in love.... only I don't think Sheldon would be as willing to give up his schedules as Don was.

I can see why this book was talked about so much last year. I really enjoyed it! It took a little while to warm up to Don's voice, but once I did I was hooked and was torn between wanting to keep reading but not wanting to finish it. It was funny and heartwarming as socially awkward Don learns how to be less awkward and falls in love. I really liked both Don and Rosie and enjoyed their story. There were some funny moments, such as the Jacket Incident. I liked how Don at one stage referred to Rosie Time - which is when they ate dinner at a late hour, as my fiance and I have "Casino Time" which is eating dinner at 9pm or later.

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